2011 Detroit: Tesla Model S skeleton unveiled, production starts mid-2012

Tesla Model S

We’re still emptying out our cameras from the 2011 Detroit Auto Show so stay tuned for some more coverage. First up, the Tesla Model S skeleton. Giving fans a more detailed look at the Model S, the display shows how the Model S was engineered from the ground up as an electric-vehicle.

“The Model S expanded view on display details how Tesla engineers have created Model S to excel in all of these areas,” Tesla said.

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“We’ve engineered Model S to be a great driver’s car,” says Peter Rawlinson, VP of Engineering, Tesla. “Suspension, aerodynamics, and the marriage of the battery pack to the body structure distinguish Model S as the superior vehicle of its class.”

Tesla already has over 3,500 Model S reservations. Production is scheduled to begin in mid-2012 at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA.

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Tesla exceeds 1,500 Roadster deliveries worldwide:

Also announced at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, Tesla confirmed that it has sold 1,500 Roadsters worldwide. The fleet of Roadsters spans more than 30 countries.

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