2011 Detroit: Chrysler 200 Super S, Fiat 500 by Mopar show Auburn’s customization skills

2011 Detroit: 2011 Chrysler 200 Super S

What seems like something that should’ve debuted at the SEMA instead of the Detroit Auto Show, Chrysler revealed the 200 Super S, which is a standard 200 modified and designed by in-house tuning firm, Mopar. Joining the 200 Super S was a customized Fiat 500 – also tricked out by Mopar.

Now I know I wasn’t too kind at my “first glance” of the new 200 – but honestly, I thought this modified version was actually kind’a cool. And quite frankly, this is what the 200 should look more like, of course, a little toned down. I’m not saying that the standard 200 should look exactly like this, what with the massive rims, low profile tires, underbody kit, and two-toned paint job. But, take for instance the grille: the new winged insignia looks far better in the middle of the grille instead of the standard chrome grid found on the normal 200. And the 200 could honestly use slightly bigger standard wheels so that they fill the wheel gaps more. Otherwise, the 200 still remains to look like a boring old blob that slightly evolved from the original, and woeful Sebring.

The Fiat 500 also caught my eye with numerous modifications including door-sill guards with 500 logo, roof/hood decals feature a double-blue stripe, katzkin leather interior, black with blue accents, carbon fiber-style hand brake, carbon fiber-style shift knob with leather boot, snowboard carrier, chromed exhaust tip, mirror covers, fuel door grille surround and much more.

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All Photos Copyright © 2011 Omar Rana – egmCarTech.

– By: Chris Chin