Bill Ford: FoMoCo will most likely pick next CEO from within the company


While popular Detroit CEO Alan Mulally has no plans to retire soon, Ford apparently has a lot of internal talent needed to hire the next chief from within the company, Executive Chairman Bill Ford said.

In an interview with Reuters, Bill said that Mulally has groomed a strong team of potential successors for whenever he decides to retire his position. Many analysts have shown concern over how Bill will handle the transition to a new CEO after Mulally, who is well known for steering the Dearborn automaker back to strength after its near-collapse in 2006.

“I think I wouldn’t be doing my job if I said we would never look outside,” Ford said. “But I’m really happy with the talent that we have here and the way that Alan has developed that talent and brought them along.”

Bill, 53, said he has no intention to return to the CEO post, which he stepped down from when he hired Mulally.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: MSNBC