Pagani Zonda replacement (C9) could carry the Huayra nameplate

Ok, so I lied when I said the Ferrari 458 Italia was the benchmark for precision performance and handling. The 458 is still epically untouchable…but is a bit rather pedestrian when pinned against the Pagani Zonda. Yes, one is a supercar while the other is a hypercar and so it can get iffy when comparing the two back to back, but what Pagani pulls off with the Zonda is something that Ferrari or Lamborghini could never do. Pagani combined the most advanced engineering with record-breaking performance, in a package that will inspire prepubescent children by taunting them in picture frames on their walls, and one that’s relatively easy to drive when compared to the competition. But as time carries on, the Zonda will soon be left in the pages of history when they first were established, which is why Pagani is already in the works for a replacement. And just to tell you how excited I am, from writing this post alone I reassure myself that erectile dysfunction is far from being a health issue for me.

But as excited as I am about the forthcoming Zonda replacement, the only details pretty much happen to be rumors at the moment—sorry to let you down. However, I can tell you what the Zonda replacement will potentially be named.

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Named after the word for wind in the ancient South American language of Quechua, the Zonda replacement will be named the ‘Huayra’ (Don’t ask me exactly how to pronounce that because I’m struggling myself), according to current rumors. It was revealed through Al Volante, an automobile publication in Italy after Pagani put in a request to trademark the name in the EU.

Now, you might be thinking, well, where the hell did they come up with that? Just to fuel some thought, founder Horacio Pagani is originally from Argentina and Pagani has a tradition—albeit a short one—of naming their cars after famous winds.

Other than that, the Zonda replacement remains a complete mystery. There is a YouTube teaser spot suggesting that a shot of espresso is more important, but you do catch a glimpse of the design a la key-ring model. While I may not have to worry about erectile dysfunction from writing this, the suspense is going to keep me up for more than four hours…I might have to call my doctor!!

– By: Chris Chin