Report: Mercedes-Benz BIOME to enter production to compete with BMW's Vision EfficientDynamics

Mercedes-Benz BIOME Concept

BMW recently confirmed that the production version of the Vision EfficientDynamics will go on sale in 2013 in limited quantities. While all this time we thought Mercedes-Benz’s competitor will be the SLS AMG E-CELL, new reports suggest that the Stuttgart automaker is working on something a little more aggressive.

At the 2010 LA Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz’s California design studio showed the Biome concept, a 4-passenger coupe that looks like a science project. According to AutoCar, a the Biome concept actually previews a full-sized mid-engined eco supercar that will go head-to-head with the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics in 2015.

“There are elements within the design that could easily be progressed and developed for production. We were conscious during its development to ensure it wasn’t too limited or edgy. It had to be do-able without any significant changes,” said Hubert Lee, head of the California design studio.

The Mercedes-Benz Biome concept is powered by a liquid chemical bond called BioNectar4534 created by specially modified trees with receptors.

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Mercedes-Benz BIOME Concept:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar