Toyota plans 11 hybrid vehicles by end of 2012, iQ EV goes on sale in USA in 2012 as well

Toyota FT-EV II Concept

Toyota has confirmed that it will undertake a European road trial of an electric-powered version of the iQ city car starting next year. The iQ EV is scheduled to go on sale in the USA in 2012, but Toyota is looking at its potential in other markets, including Europe, Japan and China.

The Japanese automaker recently unveiled the Toyota RAV4 EV at the 2010 LA Auto Show, a new model produced in partnership with Tesla Motors, which will also go on sale in the U.S. in 2012. That same year, Toyota will have a demo Prius Plug-in Hybrid, which will go on sale in Europe, Japan and the U.S.

Toyota plans to launch 11 hybrid vehicles by the end of 2012, including both all-new and re-designed models.

The company is also continuing to advance development of fuel-cell hybrid technology and expects to introduce a sedan fuel cell hybrid vehicle (FCHV) in around 2015 in markets where a fuel supply infrastructure has been established (that includes North America).

Toyota FT-EV II Concept:

Toyota FT-EV II Concept Toyota FT-EV II Concept Toyota FT-EV II Concept Toyota FT-EV II Concept

– By: Omar Rana