Nissan may be committed to EVs, but also focused on new pickups

Nissan Titan

Appealing to a trend showing a return of consumer interest to the truck market, Nissan plans to broaden its spectrum of vehicles to not just focus heavily on EV’s as it has been doing as of late, but to develop a new pickup platform (or two), and focus on awareness of its portfolio of trucks.

Recent trends have shown a resurgence in popularity of pickup trucks in Canada and the US, and Ford and GM have seemed more than eager to relinquish their positions in that segment.

Carlos Tavares, head of Nissan Americas, has acknowledged that everyone might not be ready for a car such as the Leaf, and that Nissan is not trying to embrace its full product portfolio with the Leaf. He said that Nissan is happy with recent sales rebounds, but needs to do more to expand their presence.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: AutoObserver