KBB: Subaru’s hold the best resale value

2011 Subaru Legacy

According to Kelley Blue Book, Subaru vehicles hold the best resale value. Subaru beat out Lexus, Toyota, and Honda. The company predicts a retention rate of 39% of sticker price after five years for 2011 model year Subaru vehicles.

Eric Ibara, Kelley”s director of residual consulting said that while both Toyota and Lexus had a tough year because of recall troubles, their lower ranking was due mostly to lower predicted resale values on the smaller models; the segment is expected to be inundated with cars next year as manufacturers scurry to meet stricter fuel guidelines.

Ibara also mentioned that residual values across the industry will rise, as the shedding of certain brands by Ford and GM have trimmed those labels with notoriously low residual value.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)