London finally unveils new double-decker bus (w/ video)

London's new double-decker

Big Ben, Westminster Abby, and the red double-decker bus; those are the sights to behold for a typical tourist experience in London. Well the former two are permanent fixtures of the landscape there and not set to change much; the same is not so for the double-decker. London mayor Boris Johnson, has unveiled a mock up for the next generation bus, which will include great design upgrades, and a number of high-tech and environmental ones as well.

The biggest upgrade, is the fact that the new buses will emit 40% less CO2 than the older ones. Like that of the older buses, the new design has big rear platforms, dual staircases, and two sets of doors to make for expedient boarding and off-loading. The new design also features LED headlights.

Aside from the old elements incorporated mentioned above, the seat fabric was also particularly chosen to remind riders of the original Routemasters.

Click through for two videos for more info.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: USAToday