ASSET speed camera can check you seatbelt, insurance and call cops… all by itself

ASSET Speed Camera

Despite the controversial legality that arises in the states over speed cameras, they are an ever present fact of life in Europe. And the technology is progressing. Being deployed in Finland, the ASSET camera, or Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport, is the culmination of years of development and about 7 million euros in R&D costs. Each unit costs about 50,000 euros to install.

The intuitive device can scan your license plate as you go by, and pull information on insurance, seatbelt use, and even send you a ticket for tailgating.

All of this occurs without a human operator, and will probably soon be getting built into American police cars. Drivers beware.

– ┬áBy: Stephen Calogera

Source: ASSET (via Engadget)