Tata offering 70,000 Nano owners safety upgrades following fires

Tata Nano

Tata Motors has announced that it is offering owners of the subcompact Nano, the world’s cheapest car, the option to install safety protection in the car after a couple of them went up in flames last year. Tata will reach out to 70,000 owners of the Nano to offer them the option of installing “additional safety protection in the exhaust system and the electrical system.”

Tata said that the move is not a recall and that the fires were specific to the units.

“The investigation, by a team of internal and international experts, has once again concluded that the reasons for the incidents in few Tata Nano cars are specific to the cars which had such incidents,” Tata said. “We have noticed instances of additional foreign electrical equipment having been installed or foreign material left on the exhaust system.”

Tata sold 3,065 units of the Nano in October, down from 5,520 the month before.

– By: Zain Haq

Source: Reuters