Keep on truckin’: Turn your pickup into a mini 18-wheeler

Turn your pickup into a mini 18-wheeler

A Nashville, Tenn.-based company called Lil Big Rig can take your old pickup truck and transform it into an 18-wheeler. What the company does is replace the standard truck body with a fiberglass Peterbilt or Kenworth cab and front hood/fender assembly and a semi truck-esque rear body with two extra dual rear wheels.

The interior is also revised to look like that of a semi, complete with rear relaxation space, big enough for a bed if the owner should so decide. Each project comes complete with exterior details typical of a big semi such as big headlights, mirrors, and a menacing front grille.

While a typical semi stands around 13 feet tall, a Lil Big Rig stands at around a little over 5 feet tall. The entire conversion is fairly cheap as well, as they can do an entire conversion for less than $20,000.

Turn your pickup into a mini 18-wheeler:

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: PickupTrucks