Video: AutoCar pins Audi RS5 against BMW M3

Audi RS5 vs BMW M3

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of year 2012. Why? Because Audi has made a promise to bring the Audi RS5 to the U.S. market in 2012. Until 2012, we’ll have to settle with drooling over images and videos of the RS5. Here is a new video of the Audi RS5 going head-to-head with the BMW M3, courtesy of AutoCar.

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Refresher: Power for the 2011 Audi RS5 comes from a 4.2L naturally aspirated V8 making 450-hp and a maximum torque of 317 lb-ft. Mated to a standard 7-speed S tronic, the 2011 RS5 goes from 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph (electronically governed).

2011 Audi RS5:

2011 Audi RS5:

– By: Omar Rana