Global Vehicles CEO says Mahindra diesel pickups to go on sale in spring 2011

Mahindra Pikup

…and the Mahindra small diesel pickup saga continues. John Perez, CEO of Global Vehicles USA, said that he expects Mahindra’s diesel pickups to go on sale in the United States by spring 2011. Perez made the statement in a letter emailed to thousands of interested buyers.

“I know you are wondering when you will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of these amazing, authentic, robust, fuel-efficient trucks at a Mahindra dealer near you,” Perez wrote in the e-mail. “While I cannot give you a firm answer on timing, I can tell you in my estimation, trucks will arrive in the spring of 2011.”

The pickup lovers over at decided to call Perez to clarify his statement.

“I”ve nothing to base [that date] on but my estimation,” Perez told “Mahindra said the trucks would ready for sale by December 2010 but you don”t launch a vehicle in the U.S. in the winter. The best time to launch a vehicle in the U.S. is in September or October or March or April. That”s why spring would be perfect timing.”

Mahindra and Global Vehicles are in arbitration in federal court over delays to get Mahindra’s diesel pickups ready for sale in the United States.

– By: Omar Rana