Ford’s CEO promises to rebuild Lincoln lineup

2011 Lincoln MKX

Ever since Ford announced that it will be closing down Mercury and investing its resources into Lincoln, we have yet to see/hear anything game changing from the luxury brand. That’s not to say we haven’t head anything that may benefit Lincoln sometime in the future – like:

Speaking to Automotive News, FoMoCo’s CEO Alan Mulally made it pretty clear that the automaker is going to do all it can to rebuild Lincoln’s lineup.

When asked if he envisions unique Lincoln vehicle platforms, Mulally said: “They’ll be completely differentiated vehicles. This is a commitment to a completely differentiated Lincoln lineup, not a warmed-over, rebadged Ford Escape.”

Other interesting tidbits on Lincoln from the Automotive News interview:

You’re so committed to Ford that the Ford vehicles like the Taurus keep getting better and squeezing out any midrange between the luxuries.

And that’s why Mercury is gone. Now, if we’re going to compete in the luxury space, we’re going to compete with the best in the world through Lincoln. And there’s no reason technically we can’t do it.

Do you have a vision for who the Lincoln competitor is? Is it BMW? Is it Lexus? Is it Cadillac?

The first ones, yes.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)