Lexus tops U.S. luxury sales in Oct., first time since May

Lexus has been receiving some negative headlines recently as its parent company is still recovering from the huge number of worldwide recalls. However, the luxury brand is enjoying some good news as it beat out Mercedes-Benz and BMW in sales during the month of October for the first time since May. Sales for Lexus were up 8.1 percent to 21,091 vehicles, while BMW and Mercedes-Benz posted an increase of 19,272 and 18,351 respectively.

According to data from, Lexus more than doubled average incentive spending in October to $2,152 per vehicle from $923 a year earlier.

Jim O’Donnell, president of BMW North America said that Toyota has been “much more aggressive than they’ve ever been.” We”ve now got Lexus joining the fray where they”ve always stood on the sideline and sort of watched.”

Lexus’ U.S. sales through October 2010 came in at 183,529, while Mercedes-Benz and BMW delivered 178,080 and 176,736 respectively.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)