Audi introduces multi-device wireless charger, iPod Satellite Adapter, iPhone CarMonitor App

Audi iPhone CarMonitor App

At the 2010 SEMA Show this year, Audi made its first appearance and showed off the Autonomous Audi TTS Pikes Peak and the Audi R8 Customer Spyder by STaSIS Engineering. The German automaker also showed a bunch of new technology features for its vehicles including a multi-device wireless charger, an integrated iPod Satellite Adapter and an iPhone CarMonitor App.

The first multi-device wireless charger Audi owners to wirelessly charge the batteries of their personal communication devices without the hassle of plugging in cables, cord and adapters. “The innovative wireless charger, a collaboration involving the Audi Electronics Research Lab, Qualcomm Incorporated and peiker, effectively eliminates the clutter and complexity of having multiple devices connected for charging purposes,” Audi said.

The iPod Satellite Adapter can be stored away in the vehicle glove box, connected to the vehicle-integrated satellite radio by cable. Once the Audi owner makes the connection, the satellite radio effectively “takes control” of all iPod functions.

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The iPhone CarMonitor App allows owners to monitor, analyze and store key performance characteristics for their vehicle.

“The Audi-designed iPhone CarMonitor App uses the vehicle OBD-II port to access real- time performance data, which the App then analyzes, also in real time,” Audi said. “Characteristics include engine RPM (especially useful with older Audi vehicles that do not have an RPM gauge) along with emissions information, including the amount of CO2 a driver is saving by adjusting driving performance.”

Audi multi-device wireless charger, iPod Satellite Adapter, iPhone CarMonitor App:

– By: Omar Rana