Toyota asks federal court to dismiss acceleration lawsuits

Toyota filed a motion in a federal court to throw out lawsuits over acceleration defects in its cars, on the grounds that many of the plaintiffs never identified specific defects or experienced sudden, unintended acceleration.

“Toyota is confident that its cars provide safe, reliable transportation and that the plaintiffs have no credible claims of loss or defect,” said Cari K. Dawson, an attorney for Toyota. “More than a year after filing their first complaint, plaintiffs have not identified a defect and are grasping at straws to make their case. Although the plaintiffs have recently filed a new complaint that attempts to remedy deficiencies in their earlier claims, this new complaint offers no more support for their positions and contains a number of inaccuracies and mischaracterizations.”

Hundreds of law suits were filed against the automaker after the company started recalling millions of vehicles last fall due to acceleration problems in many models. More than 10 million vehicles have been recalled worldwide over the past year, and Federal officials have received about 3,000 complaints regarding sudden acceleration and estimated the problem as potentially being involved in as many as 93 deaths over the past decade.

“Toyota looks forward to the time when plaintiffs will finally be compelled to specify exactly what is defective in Toyota”s Electronic Throttle Control System,” Ms. Dawson said. “That will have to be backed up by scientifically reliable, admissible proof of a defect as opposed to the speculative statements of counsel at the pleadings stage.”

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: Toyota, Free Press