Ford looking to learn from GM and Nissan on plug-in hybrids, EVs

Ford Focus Electric

FoMoCo has big plans to compete in the electric-vehicle and plug-in hybrid market. The Dearborn automaker plans on bringing five new electrified vehicles to market including the Transit Connect Electric later this year and the Focus Electric in late 2011. Those will be followed by two third-generation lithium-ion battery hybrids (2012) and a plug-in hybrid (2012).

The company will be taking advantage of entering the segment later than its competitors by learning from their experience. Ford will be looking to build on GM’s experience with the Chevrolet Volt hybrid and Nissan’s its all-electric Leaf.

“Since they’ll be out before us, we’ll know a lot,” Sue Cischke, Ford’s safety and environmental affairs vice president, said on Tuesday. “We’ll learn from what they’re doing, how they’re marketing it,” she said.

The Ford Focus Electric is expected to average a range of 100 miles on a single charge.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Reuters