Consumer Reports no longer recommends Honda Civic EX

2010 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic EX has been the highest-rated small vehicle by Consumer Reports for some time now, however, the publication will no longer recommend the model (including all the cheaper models – (DX, DX-VP, LX, LX-S and GX) because electronic stability control is not available at all on the Civic unless you buy the EX-L, Si or Hybrid model.

“That means the cheapest Civic with stability control has a sticker price of $22,705″”significantly higher than the typical small sedan price in our Ratings of about $19,000,” Consumer Reports said. “And those sedans don”t force you to buy an expensive options package to get stability control; it”s standard on almost every small sedan for 2011. For that matter, it”s standard on many less expensive subcompact cars, including the Ford Fiesta, Mazda2, and Toyota Yaris.”

The publication pointed out that stability control will be required across the board on all passenger cars for 2012.

– By: Zain Haq

Source: Consumer Reports