Lavazza GTX-R looks like a Ferrari Enzo with a little bit of Pagani Zonda

Lavazza GTX-R

Have you ever pondered the question: is there a knock-off Ferrari Enzo/Pagani Zonda that I can buy that has a BMW engine? Well, if you have, there”s now an answer.

Of course, many of us don”t have the balls or the wallets to buy an Enzo or a Pagani. But not to worry. Simbol Design Lavazza (not to be confused with the cup “˜o Joe producer) has the solution for you if you fancy an Italian supercar knockoff with a German heart: the GTX-R.

Now, the Enzo was never a very pretty car to look at and well”¦the GTX-R isn”t either. It looks like the Enzo and the Pagani Zonda had an affair and produced a bastard child. The GTX-R is made from a mixture of carbon fiber and Kevlar, with the backbone of a tubular steel frame.

Power comes from a BMW M72 5.4L V12, the same found in the E38 750iL and it”s mated to a 6-speed electro-pneumatic transmission”¦which if I”m not wrong, is the type of transmission used on busses. The engine was reworked however to produce 489hp, launching the GTX-R from 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds, according to the Italian version of their website. Yet”¦somehow the English version of their website says that the same V12 makes 620HP and a spring form 0-60 takes 4.6 seconds”¦I”m not from Canada but”¦.eh?

Not exactly Enzo or Pagani material. But this GTX-R could be had for – well we don”t know yet – because they”re not saying.

Lavazza GTX-R:

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CarScoop