South Carolina is the best state to drive in, California is the worst

When determining a given states friendliness towards drivers, there are a number of factors to be considered, such as gas prices, insurance rates, infrastructure, and legal protection. Forbes magazine put together its ratings of the best and worst state to drive in based on said criteria; South Carolina came out on top of the list, while California finished at the bottom.

South Carolina has the country”s lowest average fuel prices, cheap insurance, solid legal protection for its drivers, and the sixth-best infrastructure and safety rating. The Golden State ranked third-lowest for infrastructure & safety, had the fifth-highest insurance costs, and poor legal protections for drivers.

Many motorists regard gas prices as the single most important factor, and according to, South Carolina and New Jersey have the lowest average prices, while Hawaii and Alaska had the highest. Insurance also a major financial consideration, Maine and Vermont have the lowest rates, and Louisiana and Michigan have the highest.

Solid roadways are also a major consideration, as good roadways lead to lower costs incurred across the board. North Dakota and Montana rank among the highest, and Rhode Island and Alaska are at the bottom of that list.

Despite certain exceptions, there is a consistent trend; the most populous states are far worse for drivers than the least populous.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: MSNBC