BMW working on future tech options that will allow driver to park cars… without being inside

Future BMW technology options

BMW is currently preparing an onslaught of new technology options for future models that will allow the car to ‘intelligently’ interact with local road conditions while improving fuel-efficiency and safety for drivers.

One of the many new options will be the new ILENA intelligent sat-nav which allows for three different style of navigation routes including standard, eco or quick. The eco route will be the most fuel-efficient rout chosen by the car. Another feature known as Mobility assistant app, will use public transportation information and will advise the driver that it is quicker to use the train or bus for a journey.

Other features will include collision avoidance, Smart Key (which will be able to store a small amount of credit on the key), Micropause Apps (will allow the car to communicate with the car and tell it how long it will be stuck at a red light) along with a new updated iDrive System, which will include a touchscreen.

One of most interesting feature will be called Autopark. The option will allow the driver to lineup his/her BMW into a tight parking space, step out of the vehicle and use the key fob to remotely navigate it into the space. The only problem is that the option is currently illegal in most parts of the world.

Future BMW technology options:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar