Rumor: BMW considering 2-Series model, M 2-Series rumored as well

BMW 1-Series

Speculation over at the CARandDRIVER blog suggests that BMW may soon start a 2-series to buff up its small car lineup and compete with the other German luxury carmakers, Audi and Mercedes. The augmentation could be significant: in addition to adding an entirely new line, complete with an M model, BMW will also relaunch the 1 series as a very made over, front-wheel drive car. In this circumstance, the 2 series- for which the standard BMW numbers 228, 230, and 235 have been trademarked- would become the entry level BMW, with a model starting at a four cylinder car and generally moving up into the more traditional 6 cylinders in the Munich company”s small sedans.

Buzz about the M2 has started to build, and the Munich company has trademarked the name, but any information about that would be guessing at this point. Exciting guesses, though, for sure.

In addition to switching up the 1 series and starting up the 2 series lines, BMW is also adding in a model beneath those two as well. BMW”s joint research with Peugeot-Citroën on a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain will likely go into work on a car with BMW badging that appeals to a range of consumer below the 1 and 2 series target demographics, and will use the technology in the Mini Cooper, as well as the new information currently being researched by the German giant, to make a new automobile. Called the Megacity, this car (along with the rethink of the 1 series and the new 2 series) might open up the once-rarified badge to an entirely new kind of consumer.

– By: Zain Haq

Source: CARandDRIVER