Toyota: We spent $8.9 billion on R&D on safety research (w/ video)

Toyota invests in technology and safety

Toyota has claimed that it is spending $1 million per hour on safety research. Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who is known as a crusader and advocate for consumers, has called that claim into question. Nader did the math and concluded that Toyota”s figure would add up to $8.9 billion in a single year.

In an indirect retort to Mr. Nader (he was not mentioned personally), Toyota issued a statement in which it affirms that it spent that exact amount on R&D in fiscal 2010. Of course Toyota has publicized their spending of $1 million per hour “to improve our technology and safety.”, without claiming all of that cash is going to safety research.

Nader, relentless as he is, has asked for a breakdown by category so he can surmise exactly how much Toyota is spending on safety, and not other technology. Despite the $1 million per hour claim, Toyota most likely will not match that pace for the current fiscal year ending in march 2011; the automaker currently plans to spend $8.4 billion for the same.

Hit the jump for a commercial that shows highlights Toyota’s $1 million dollar investment to improve the technology and safety of every vehicle.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: DriveOn