2011 Chevrolet Aveo going into production in Korea next year

2011 Chevrolet Volt

General Motors confirmed today that the 2011 Chevrolet Aveo will go into production in Seoul, Korea next year followed by a U.S.-assembled version of the car in 2012.

U.S. production of the vehicle at the Orion Township plant was reconfirmed last week when along with a $145 million investment that will include production of the Buick Verano at the plant.

We’re still not sure if General Motors will keep the ‘Aveo’ name for the U.S.-spec model since it keeps referring to the car ‘Chevrolet’s new small car.

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Refresher: In Europe, the 2011 Chevrolet Aveo will be available with a 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel engine lineup. The gasoline lineup will consist of two 1.2L versions (at 70 hp and at 86hp), a 1.4L unit (100 hp) and a 1.6L (115hp). For the first time, a diesel Aveo will be available with a two versions of a 1.3L diesel engine (at 75 hp and at 95 hp) featuring Start/Stop technology.

2011 Chevrolet Aveo:

– By: Omar Rana