Video: Aston Martin Cygnet as described by Aston execs

Mark Reichman - Aston Martin Design Director

We’re still not sure about the Aston Martin Cygnet and we probably never will be. Good thing is we’d probably never own an Aston Martin supercar so we’ll never get the rights to purchase the $35,000 Toyota iQ based Aston Martin. However, even if we did, we probably wouldn’t.

Aston Martin has just released a video for people who feel like us, justifying describing what the Cygnet really is and what it really means to the company’s customers.

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Our favorite part? When CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez says: “I do like to go with a DBS over to the city, but I would not want to do this everyday – I would not want to do this maybe two times a day if I had to go to a business meeting in London – so I want to have the choice.”

Personally, we’d like to go to the city everyday in a DBS.

Make the leap for the video.

Refresher: Based on the Toyota iQ, the Aston Martin Cygnet will be powered by a 1.3L engine making 97-hp, allowing it to hit a top speed of 105 mph. Aston Martin will make around 2,000 units and will sell them for around £20,000 (about $35,000 USD) a pop. The Cygnet is only available to those who currently own an Aston.

Aston Martin Cygent:

Aston Martin Cygent:

– By: Zain Haq