EPA now allows 15% ethanol in gasoline

Previously, the Environmental Protection Agency (better known as the EPA) allowed a maximum of 10 percent of blending higher concentrations of ethanol into gasoline for newer vehicles. Well, today the EPA said that it will increase that percentage to 15 percent for the corn-based fuel at the pump.

“Thorough testing has now shown that E15 does not harm emissions control equipment in newer cars and light trucks,” EPA chief Lisa Jackson said in a statement. “Wherever sound science and the law support steps to allow more home-grown fuels in America”s vehicles, this administration takes those steps.”

While that may be nice political move by the current administration, ethanol faces a strong opposition from the auto industry, farmers, food companies and environmentalists. Most of the argument stems from the fact that the increase in the production of corn and its diversion into ethanol is making animal feed more expensive.

Automakers, on the other hand, say that smaller engines are not designed for the higher concentration of ethanol.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: MSNBC