BMW X4 on its way to get thumbs-up for production, design not finalized


It’s been a little more than a year that we’ve been hearing about a BMW X4, a baby version of the successful X6 ‘sports activity coupe.’ Latest reports suggest that BMW is set to green light the X4 and that design of the model is on its way to be finalized.

The BMW X4, which will debut sometime in 2014 if approved, will be based on the same chassis as the new 2011 X3, but will forgo utility in the name of styling. Much like the X6, the X4 will get a sloping roofline and a tighter cargo space.

Insiders who have seen design sketches of the model say that the X4 differs from the X3 in the same way that the X6 differs from the X5.

“The design is not finalized, but we know the direction and it will likely surprise,” a source told AutoWeek.

An M version of the X4 is also planned.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoWeek