Survey Says: BMW drivers are the angriest on the road

According to a study done by, BMW drivers are the angriest drivers on the road and more likely to tailgate, give the middle finger and speed than anyone else on the roads. In a survey of 3,000 drivers, found that more than half suffered a ‘bad experience’ at the hands of a BMW driver.

Second on the list of angry drivers was white van drivers, followed by Audi, Ford and Land Rovers.

”Traditionally the white van man is stereotyped as a bad driver, but this is no longer the case,” said Lee Griffin, chief operating officer at “Although the white van man still features highly on the list, he has been well and truly over taken by BMW drivers – who Brits consider rude, dangerous and bad tempered.”

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Top 10 Angriest Drivers

2.White van
5.Land Rover
8.Range Rover

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Telegraph