LaHood considering U.S. ban on all cell phone use in cars… including Bluetooth technology

United States Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and President Barack Obama

United States Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said he believes drivers are distracted by any use of mobile phones while driving – including hands-free Bluetooth usage of mobile devices. LaHood’s department is now beginning research that may lead him to push for a ban of cell phones in vehicles altogether.

LaHood said his concerns for distracted driving stretches to vehicle information technology and entertainment systems such as FoMoCo’s SYNC system and General Motors’ OnStar system

“I don’t want people talking on phones, having them up to their ear or texting while they’re driving,” LaHood said. “We need a lot better research on other distractions,” including Bluetooth-enabled hands-free calls and the in-car systems, he said.

Even if LaHood’s ban doesn’t come full force, his escalating campaign against distracted driving may end up limiting interior vehicle technology that automakers are using to attract younger car shoppers.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)