Marijuana legalization opponents warn of stoned drivers

The approaching interim elections are potentially going to rock the current political distribution of congress, and hence many laws and bills currently being proposed. In California, this is even more so the case, as there is a public initiative on the ballot called Proposition 19; a move to legalize Marijuana in the Golden State. The California initiative is being closely watched, as its passage will most likely trigger like initiatives in other states.

Opponents to the proposition are weary however, on what this means with regard to Marijuana use and driving. a spokesman for one such organization warns that while smoking the substance while driving will be expressly prohibited, there is no legal mechanism to prevent someone from getting high before driving. They are also concerned with the open-endedness of the bill, as there is no mention as to whether a passenger would be legally prohibited from smoking in a moving vehicle, or a definition of what would legally constitute driving under the influence.

Proponents to Proposition 19 say there is no worry to be had, as current California law prohibits any individual from driving while impaired. A spokesperson for Tax Cannabis 2010, an organization in favor of the measure, could not be immediately reached for comment.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: DriveOn