Lincoln: No uber-luxury supercar any time soon, upgraded MKZ, MKS on the way

Lincoln MKR Concept

Ford”s designated “˜futurist” hosted a panel discussion at the recent press preview for the 2011 Lincoln MKZ hybrid and 2011 MKX crossover, in which he noted the polarization of the luxury car market between ultra-exclusive brands like Maybach on the one side, and the BMW inspired Mini Cooper on the other. As to where Lincoln will continue to fit in that spectrum; he said that Lincoln will remain a democratized luxury brand.

“The brand is not there; we”re focusing on getting the basics right,” said a Lincoln spokesman. For now, the company is focusing on long-term quality ratings and a mastery of the basics. With the Town Car gone from the lineup save for large fleet orders, the face of Lincoln is a fresh one, just like the rest of the Ford family.

With the recent sale of Volvo and discontinuation of the Mercury brand, Lincoln remains as FoMoCo”s sole luxury label, and as such, they are paying astute attention to it. The upcoming 2012 MKS is expected to be brand”s new flagship vehicle. To be built on Ford”s new world mid-size platform, the company promises a venerable display of luxury, and Lincoln-exclusive features that will continue in the brand”s tradition of refinement and class.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: CARandDRIVER