Vorstenier creates bodykit for BMW X6 M

Vorstenier BMW X6 M

The X6 represents more than just a new market for BMW; its hybrid shape and interesting countour as well as posture make clear that this isn”t a car for the conservative. But, if the look grows old, or if you would rather push the bar one step further, we have your answer: Vorsteiner, a company specializing in modifications to German vehicles, have redesigned and reconstructed parts of the X6 M.

Carbon fiber spoilers and diffusers help to give the car increased lightness as well as traction when maneuvering the corners of the road, while a replaced carbon fiber hood will further enhance the experience. To top it all off, the package also includes three modular aero fins and a carbon fiber spoiler to accent the design and give even more grip.

The package, with the possible exception of the hood, whose release is imminent. Dubbed the Aero package, the cosmetic- as well as handling- changes should be noticeable and may give your X6 M the flair you feel it lacks.

Vorstenier BMW X6 M:

– By: Zain Haq

Source: Vorstenier (via BMWBlog)