Jaguar testing a flywheel hybrid system in a XF


Working with a handful of British engineering specialists, Jaguar is testing a flywheel hybrid XF that promises an 80-hp increase and up to a 20 percent improvement in fuel-economy. The project, know has FHSPV (Flywheel Hybrid System for Premium Vehicles), includes a £2.2m investment by the government”s Technology Strategy Board.

“The FHSPV is really an engineering due diligence exercise,” says the project”s engineer Daniel Loftus. “We need to look at mechanical flywheels and see how they compare with electric hybrids. And then see if they have a production future.”

The flywheels hybrid system is driven through a CVT gearbox and spins at up to 60,000 rpm to store the equivalent of 80-hp. A computer controls the flow of power to the flywheel, which spins and delivers a boost during travel. Jaguar engineers are testing the system in a stop-start city mode and have already recorded fuel savings of 20 percent. The complete system weighs in at 143 lbs, half the weight of a comparative hybrid system.

An increase in horsepower and an improvement in fuel-economy is never a bad combination.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar