Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion is not up for sale, owner says

Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion

It was reported back in April 2009 that the one-off Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion that was built for Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe owner Ronald Hall was up for sale. Well, it is up for sale once again – only it’s not. Every time we’ve heard that the Hyperion is up for sale has been false, according to the owner himself.

Hall contacted Piston Heads yesterday that the proposed copies of his car being offered for sale on the site’s classified section is far from true. Hall said that the car has never been for sale and that he owns all the rights and relevant production tooling.

“It’s not important to me that I have the only example in the world, and I suppose it’s not inconceivable that another car could be built if somebody wanted to talk to me about it,” Hall said. “But that’s certainly not the case at the moment.”

Hall said that the production tooling for the car still remains at Pininfarina.

Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: PistonHeads