Jet Black ARKYM AeroRace Kit for BMW M3 Coupe gives you a stealthy look

ARKYM AeroRace Kit for BMW M3 Coupe

There are countless BMW M3 modification packages out there but this one really caught our eye. Courtesy of California-based tuner ARKYM, the kit consists of a ARKYM AeroRace M3 carbon hood, AeroRace trunk boot lid and AeroSport rear diffuser.

The Jet Black ARKYM AeroRace Kit for the BMW M3 also includes full double side carbon for both the hood and trunk and a vent on the hood that is fully functional. We’re not sure what the exact size of the wheels are but they look pretty nice with the whole package.

The ARKYM AeroRace M3 carbon hood sells for $1,999, while the trunk boot lid and rear diffuser carry a price tag of $1,249 and $499 respectively.

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ARKYM AeroRace Kit for BMW M3 Coupe:

– By: Omar Rana

Source: PYSpeed (via BMWBlog)