Dhiaa Al-Essa: A 21-year old that has a 30 supercar collection… and growing

Dhiaa Al-Essa with his Ferrari 458 Italia

Any car enthusiasts dream is to have a huge garage filled with the most exotic cars. Well, besides Jay Leno, a 21-year old by the name of Dhiaa Al-Essa is living that dream. Dhiaa has 30 luxury supercars in his garage, including four Ferraris, five Porsches, three Lamborghinis, two Rolls Royces and a Mercedes SLR McLaren.

If that wasn’t enough to satisfy his need for speed, Dhiaa is also set to take delivery of Koenigsegg Agera for his 22nd birthday and is also on the waiting list for a Bugatti Veyron. Who’s paying for all this? Daddy is of course. Dhiaa is the son of a Saudi business tycoon who buys him all these toys and paid for his recent summer vacation where he flew his cars to London, Montreal, Las Vegas and New York to go on driving tours with friends.

“I love speed but the limit in Saudi Arabia is 75mph so I”m pretty limited,” said the engineering student. “When the Bugatti arrives I hope to take it to Germany where you can drive as fast as you can.”

“The Mercedes McLaren SLR is my favorite,” Dhiaa says. “I love the way it looks and drives and it”s also been reliable for a car out in 50ºC temperatures.”

Dhiaa’s Ferrari 458 Italia recently went up in flames due to the recall involved with the Italian stallion, but he is planning on replacing it with a new Ferrari 599 Roadster we heard about last week.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Metro.co.uk