Luxury version of Nissan GT-R to be called ‘Egoist’

Nissan GT-R Spec M (aka Egoist) testing at the Nurburgring

Just when we thought that the luxury version of the Nissan GT-R was dead, we recently saw a spy video of the model hanging out at the Nurburgring. According to AutoCar, the Nissan GT-R Spec M badging will now be dropped in favor of ‘Nissan GT-R Egoist.’

That’s right, some higher-ups at Nissan decided to drop the Spec M badging and picked the new ‘Egoist’ name inspired by the Chanel perfume and the apparel maker of the same name.

“Yes, there”s a bit of tongue in cheek in the name, and yes, the word does mean self-conceited, but we just wanted to have some fun with the name,” a spokesman told AutoCar.

The Nissan GT-R Egoist is expected to hit Japanese dealers on October 13 with a revised grille, bumper, front intake duct, a smoother ride and suspension.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar