Video: Ben Collins wins battle against BBC to reveal himself as the Stig

'The Man in the White Suit' book cover

Ben Collins has won a legal battle against BBC, which was threatening to sue him if he released an autobiography revealing himself as The Stig. Mr. Justice Morgan declined to give BBC a “temporary injunction preventing publication of the HarperCollins book on the second day of the hearing, after weighing up legal arguments from both sides in private.”

Shortly after the hearing, Ben Collins left the high court and was bombarded by photographers and the media. Collins remained pretty quiet while leaving court but exchanged a couple of word with the media who asked him if he was the Stig. When asked whether he had his trademark white helmet with him, he replied: “You’re trying to tempt me into saying something I shouldn’t.”

No word on whether Collins will stay on at BBC as The Stig – but we highly doubt it.

Hit the jump for the video explaining the fiasco.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Guardian