EPA, DOT offer new design for fuel-economy labels

EPA, DOT propose new design for fuel-economy labels

In what is expected to be the biggest overhaul of fuel economy labels in the past 30 years, the EPA and DOT have each proposed a new design for the label to be used on all vehicles.  The overhaul is intended to more easily compare the efficiency and environmental impact of vehicles of all types, regardless of fuel technology.

One of the proposals would implement a letter grade system to rate the fuel-economy of the vehicle as well as its greenhouse gas emissions.  The sticker will also inform consumers on how much they should expect to save over the course of the vehicle”s life.

The labels would receive a rating between D and A+, with a median grade of B-.  A+ would be reserved for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids would get an A, and other hybrids are to receive A- ratings.  Vehicles such as the Ferrari 612 would receive the lowest ratings.

The other proposed system expands the standard mpg label by offering a more comprehensive set of information than the current one, forcing consumers to use the raw data to make a more informed decision on their own.  Instead of promoting fuel savings as compared to other vehicles, the non-graded system will provide estimated annual fuel costs.

To view the proposed labels consumers can visit http://www.epa.gov/fueleconomy/ and http://www.nhtsa.gov/fuel-economy.  Comments are welcomed by the agencies.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: CNN