Ferrari California by Anderson Company gets 515-hp

Ferrari California by Anderson Company

The Ferrari California was, by the Italian company”s standards, considered a relatively tame car: the front engined, four seater V8 has filled a GT niche for Ferrari. To accommodate this niche, Ferrari had to turn down the vehicle”s raw power compared to its brothers.

To rectify this, tuning company Anderson Germany has created a new performance and styling package for the California, to help the California run more closely alongside other contemporary supercars.

The package adds a new ECU and exhaust system that adds 55 horsepower, to bump the package up to a total of 508 horsepower. In addition to the modifications to the 4.3 L engine, Anderson Germany drops weight by tacking on carbon fiber: the hood, as well as front skirt, side skirt, and rear diffuser and bumper all come in a new carbon fiber format. Darkened taillights and bigger rims complement the increased speed by adding an intimidating image to a now justifiably intimidating machine. Finally, ride height can be lowered by 35 mm or raised by 40 mm to help drive with more speed or clear speed humps. All of these cosmetic changes, as well as the optional extras for trim inside, make Anderson Germany”s reimagined Ferrari California a prancing stallion worth capturing.

Ferrari California by Anderson Company:

Press Release:


ANDERSON GERMANY is releasing a special model, which will win you over with its design and its horse power. The elite tuner from Düsseldorf has boosted the Ferrari California’s 460 HP by 55 HP and has also ensured that it makes a spectacular impression optically. The increased performance is owed to software optimisation and a valve conrolled stainless steel exhaust system, which can be set to three different sound modes with a remote control.

For the ultra-wide lane, special light-weight wheels 21 and 22 inches in size have been installed. The multiple-part light metal rims are coated in a carbon film and the outer rim bedding is the colour of the car. Road contact is ensured with the powerful 9×21 inch and 11.5×22 inch light-weight metal rims equipped with high-performance tyres of size 255/30-21 and 315/25-22.

For a sporty street drive, ANDERSON GERMANY provides complete driving and coupled axles with a module, which is inbuilt and can be adjusted according to height. Thanks to the adjustable damper, the body can be lowered by 35mm or raised by 40mm.

With a bodykit made up of a carbon-finished front spoiler lip, side skirt wings, rear diffusor, rear mud guard, motor, side ventilation and and rear spoiler lip, the Ferrari California Edition shows once again its top performance and a very individual aesthetic. A dark tint on the panes and rear lights complete the total look.

ANDERSON GERMANY offers almost limitless possibilities for individual furnishing of the interior. The carbon interior package includes air vents, radio facing, centre consoles, door handles, rocker switches and steering wheel facing. Detail solutions you can only expect from a luxury sports car.

This sports car is encompassed by high-quality, love for detail and many other features that will make your ride in the California Edition exceptionally sporty and individual.

ANDERSON GERMANY offers a special pick-up and delivery service on request.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Anderson Company (via WCF)