MTM first to release tuning package for the Audi RS5

MTM Audi RS5

The release of new sports cars are often accompanied by tuning companies offering to optimize the already well-honed machines. And, while to the average consumer such speed may seem useless, it is a testament to the popularity of these tuning kits and the teams that put the kits out. One such team, MTM, has released a package for the upcoming Audi RS5. An expected competitor to the BMW M5 and Mercedes E63, RS5 drivers are going to look for as much power and flash as the car can output.

To this end, MTM have produced components like a V-max override, which allows the car to reach 188 mph, and a performance exhaust system to get ventilation to its highest potential.

Further, MTM will also produce a piece to lower the suspension. In terms of styling, options include wheels of 19 to 21 inches and a television installed inside the vehicle. If you are an Audi RS5 owner who feels the car is too modest and slow for your tastes, this tuning kit”s components will likely go for between 6 and 7 thousand dollars.

Audi has confirmed that the RS5 will come to the U.S. market in 2012.

MTM Audi RS5:

– By: Zain Haq