Porsche PDK Transmission

The manual transmission has long been the gold standard of automotive performance. Increasingly however, the list of compelling reasons to opt for a stick shift in lieu of an automatic is diminishing. Technology has advanced automatic transmission performance to the point that it is no longer a given that a manual would provide for a faster, more efficient drive.

The BMW 650i with manual transmission not only costs $250 more, but demonstrates approximately one mpg less efficiency. Jonathon Ramsey of AOL Autos, says the following on stick shifts: “Automatics have also become so efficient that most of the time their fuel economy is on par with manuals — and in some cases even better. There are even several cars with automatics on the market that are faster than the same cars equipped with manuals.”

Many performance cars, the CTS-V and Porsche 911 Turbo among them, actually achieve 60 mph faster with an automatic than with a manual. In fact, the manual is no longer an option in the Ferrari 458 Italia or Lamborghini LP570-4 Superleggera. With fewer than 1/10th of drivers selecting manual, it appeared as though the manual shifter is on severe deathwatch.

– By: Stephen Calogera

Source: DriveOn

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  • Ivan Gutierrez

    Manual has been dying for a long time now, Ferrari and Mercedes no longer offer manual transmissions as far as I know. I wouldn't be surprised to see Audi and Lamborghini do the same in the near future. As long as Ford, BMW, and Porsche continue to offer manual transmissions, all will be right in the world.

  • cabjf

    Manuals are still more fun.

  • CLK550Cab

    I used to only drive manuals. When I drove BMWs, it was a SIN to drive an Automatic BMW once upon a time.

    I have a CLK550 which only come in Auto. I would buy in a stick if it was available. I think the CELL phone, Starbucks, and AMAZING sound systems killed the stick.

  • Dcaswell16v

    That is what they said about disco… It just found it's place in society…

    I will never stop driving a stick! The R32? Auto? Gross… I personally have never had any interest in them because of that…

  • Goat

    Manuals are not dying a slow death in the USA, they died several years ago – and is the main reason I keep driving the cars I currently own. I think it has more to do with manufacturers unwilling to ship manuals to the States because of cost than their being no market for them. Most of my friends have switched from manuals to automatics because they cannot find what they want with a manual. My neighbors borrow one of my cars from time to time just so they can drive a stick shift again. It is true that autos have made significant improvements in mileage due to better software and lighter components. But there is a distinctly different driving style between the two, so do automatics actually get better mileage in the real world?

  • Goat

    I owned one car with an automatic. Once. And I hope to never own one again, but with the eventual switch to electric cars, I guess I'll have to give in then…

  • Goat

    C class is still available with a manual in the States. VW has told me if I still want a passat or CC with a manual I will have to upgrade to Audi. Audi will probably continue to offer them as long as BMW does.

  • Darrell

    at the moment the truck i currently drive is a manual and i am looking to put a manual in the other truck i own. I have thought about buying a new truck but looking at the lineup of transmissions i couldn't see why i need to. yes a newer vehicle would be nice but until there is a manual transmission offered in a 3/4 ton i probably wont buy a new vehicle. i don't think manuals have died out i think manufacturers have given up on them.

  • We can’t remove that fact that automatic cars are really better. Not only in performance but on the way how you handle them. Our technology develops from time to time. And we can’t avoid it.