Scratch that: GMC Granite not approved for production… yet

GMC Granite Concept

It was reported yesterday that General Motors has given the GMC Granite Concept the green light for production – well, that’s not entirely true. Basically, while we’re (and maybe even GM) is probably certain that the Granite will make it until production, nothing is official until the executives actually say it’s official.

GM North America Vice President, Tom Stephens, spoke to analysts and investors yesterday about the Granite Concept and here is a snippet of what he actually said:

With GMC, we”re looking to build on the popularity of the Acadia and Terrain, to attract a younger demographic to our “Professional Grade” products.

To do that, we need to get out of our comfort zone “¦ Which is why we asked our advanced studio, in North Hollywood, to design this premium box concept. This is a segment, that young people really like, but we also found it had wider appeal when it was named “2010 Best Concept” at this year”s North American International Auto Show.

The Granite concept features Flex-doors, which allow great access and great utility.

GMC Granite Concept:

2010 GMC Granite Concept 2010 GMC Granite Concept 2010 GMC Granite Concept 2010 GMC Granite Concept

– By: Omar Rana

Source: WOT