Lotus talking to Bob Lutz, Tom Purves to advise on 5-year turnaround plan

Bob Lutz

Lotus Cars is reported to be in talks with former General Motors’ product guru Bob Lutz and retired BMW exec Tom Purves to advise the company on a 5-year turnaround plan.

Two sources familiar with the situation said that Lutz, who left GM two months ago, has had talks with Lotus but hasn’t received a formal offer. Purves on the other hand has had a telephone interview with Lotus and said that he “would be happy” to be involved.

“The goal is to make a contribution to projects of the future — improving the quality, the product offerings and the operations of the company,” said Purves. “It’s exciting, and there is no question it is a great brand and has a good future.”

Lutz did not comment about his talks with Lotus.

It was reported last week that Lotus is planning on dropping its lightweight philosophy to target more upmarket vehicles.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)