Today is “Drive your ‘Vette to work” day, Ford Thunderbird celebrating 55th anniversary

2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Today is National Drive Your Corvette to Work Day – so if you’re one of those folks that keeps an extra commuter car, make sure you take your ‘Vette out for a spin today.

2004 Ford Thunderbird

Also, the Ford Thunderbird is celebrating its 55th anniversary this year, and owners from across the country are coming together to celebrate the classic car. Nearly 300 Ford Thunderbirds and their owners will be heading to Dearborn, Michigan to honor the 55th anniversary of the classic car with a car show at FoMoCo’s Headquarters on Saturday, June 26. Drivers will be coming from more than 30 states, with several coming from Canada.

– By: Omar Rana