2011 Honda Odyssey

Last week, Honda surprised the automotive industry with the debut of the 2011 Odyssey minivan. Ready to hit dealerships this fall with 15 cup holders, the 2011 Honda Odyssey has a lower roofline (-1.6 inches), a wider track (+1.4 inches) and overall improved aerodynamics that help increase fuel-economy.

Speaking of fuel-economy, the 2011 Honda Odyssey won’t be offering a fuel-efficient 4-banger likes its closest rival, the 2011 Toyota Sienna. However, its important to note that Honda says that the Odyssey’s 3.5L V6 engine with 3-mode variable cylinder management helps the Touring Elite model achieve an estimated 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

2011 Toyota Sienna

That’s actually better than the 187-hp 2.7L 4-cylinder Toyota Sienna, which returns an EPA-estimated 19/24 mpg (city/highway).

Both offer a wide range of interior features that are convenient to the average family and both offer outstanding looking exteriors.

The question is… which one would you buy (use your imagination if you aren’t married and don’t have 5 kids).

Let us know in the comments section after the jump.

2011 Honda Odyssey:

2011 Toyota Sienna:

2011 Toyota Sienna 2011 Toyota Sienna 2011 Toyota Sienna 2011 Toyota Sienna

2011 Honda Odyssey:

2011 Toyota Sienna:

– By: Omar Rana

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  • Vaughan

    On Sunday we test drove the Sienna foollowed by the Odyessey. We then immediatly bought the Odyessey. It was an easy decision. The Odessey drives and feels better than the Sienna. It has all the stuff we liked in the Sienna plus none of the stuff we didn’t like. The interior space felt bigger and better laid out.

  • Just an fyi my 2005 Odyssey EXL was also made in Alabama, and my prior 2000 LX in Ontario, Canada, although I think Honda was making some in the US even back then. Still in love with my 2005 with 120,000 miles on it, I would go for the EXL or above today as well ( if only I’d win the lottery)!!

  • Red_eyez

    Both Sienna and Odyssey are neck to neck in comparisons. We checked out both and decided the Odyssey for better interior built, handling, and fuel economy. All the materials used in Sienna looks and feels very flimsy and cheap, but honestly I didn’t like the outside look of the Odyssey at first, but now getting used to it and think it’s not too bad.

  • declan

    does any one know if the odyssey 2011 has four wheel drive?

  • Honda doesn’t make AWD in Odyssey.

  • Thats ODD..Every video I’ve seen online about the 3rd row seat being powered in the Limited. That is why I am interested in the Sienna because my wife likes it being auto.

  • Nathanielyang

    I went with the Toyota 2011 Sienna XLE….just a better feel over the Odyssey 2011 on my test drive…..

    1. Better looking over the Odyssey
    2. More for you money
    3. More room to get in and out ( for Big kids)
    4. More power and all most the same gas milage as the Odyssey
    5. It’s drive like a Lexus…..

  • Cabinmice

    Would not be a problem if you had put winter tires or all weather tires on the odyssey. I have had no problems.

  • OdysseyElite

    We went to the Toyota dealer to look at the Sienna and the saleman commented that he wasn’t sure what he can sell. He said they have brake problems. Then he added that the brakes still work but there is a part on the pedal that is bent that causes the brake lights to not turn on sometimes. Not a good start….Looked at the interior and did not come close to comparing to the Odyssey. What is going on with Toyota’s quality. We bought a 2011 Honda Odysses Touring Elite….

  • Rogerramjet327

    I am a proud owner of a new Honda odyssey 2011, and I’m very happy with my purchase.
    I fist took the Toyota sienna for the day and then test drove the Honda and bought it on the spot.

  • Ltongpalan

    Hello everyone! Im currently looking for my first minivan and I had actually settled on the one and only 2011 odyssey…..UNTIL I saw what it looks like…..and then I was like… ok maybe not. It really bummed me out because the one and only reason I wanted the odyssey is because it is the ONLY minivan that had style( when compared to sienna back then)!!!! My only question is WHY did honda have to change it to look LIKE that??!! So I’m still trying to decide…my boyfriend says sienna…and it helps to read what everyone else says about their vans….so, wish me luck everyone! I hope to make a decision I will not regret!! Lol!

  • Sdgsjbj

    I like the new look. It’s less minivan-y… more agressive. It suits the handling of the van, which is more car like. And it’s easy to point out… I think the sienna is rather unattractive, and the interoir looks terrible. Like cheap plastic!

  • even though most of them prefer Honda Odyssey over Sienna for its better performance, I certainly go for Sienna. i feel its pretty comfortable and spacious.

  • Margus 2007

    I want to purchase a new mini van after a bad decision in buying a Pilot 2010 (not enough space for my family). I test drove both Odyssey and Sienna. First I drove the Oddysey and I can tell you that I was not impressed. Though I liked the Nav, the cooler and a few other features. Then I went to test drive a Siena top model. That car has some power in it. I loved the way it drives. But that was not enough for me. It was sunny outside and I was not able to see the Nav screen. I researched and indeed they use a low quality screen for the Nav. The engine was so loud that I drove back to the dealer and I told him to keep his car (I was a previous owner of a Sienna 99 CE which I regret because it was a super car but it became to old). After 2 weeks I drove another Sienna which sounded better. Recently I’ve seen the crash test ratings for the Sienna and Odyssey and that is a selling point for the Odyssey. I really do not know was I should purchase because both are not worth the big price tag.

  • Minivanhesitator

    I hear everyone on the pros and cons. I was quite torn myself as I wanted AWD and the sienna styling. Unfortunately the AWD is not available in the 8 passenger configuration although some dealers are confused about this themselves.

    Here is what made the decision: 2011 sienna gets 2 out 5 start for the the new government crash test for the passenger side. I know Toyota brags about the the good ratings with the Insurance company test. The government crash test for 2011 is more stringent. In my book 2/5 isn’t acceptable and safety trumps minor differences in features.

  • Kovitv

    come on! some of u are really dumb, if u really want to know it’s not about styeness its about performance, luxury, and comfortableness. Pick for ur selfs.

  • Kovitv

    plus i like odyssey for no reason

  • Kovitv

    fuck u

  • Kovitv

    i hate u! shove ur face into someones ass

  • Kovitv

    i hate u! shove ur face into someones ass

  • Sahusa

    I just traded the worst automobile that I have ever owned in 30 years on a 2011 Sienna. The worst auto was a 2007 honda Odyssey. I had failures with the suspension, power steering, brakes, knock sensor, transmission with less than 60K miles. I should have turn the auto in on the lemon law when they could not fix the brake problem that eventually became a recall. I wouldn’t take another honda if they gave me one. Don’t worry about how the interior’s look, think about how much trouble that Honda will be when the warranty runs out!!!!!

  • Katy

    how did you get used to its look? I plan to buy one. I didn’t like the outside look of the Odyssey as well…

  • katy

    Which Sienna did you  buy ?

  • katy

    it seems that many people share the same observation. Initially I thought “did just myself have such a feeling” Now. I told my family that I am not alone in feeling this way…

  • katy

    it seems that many people share the same observation. Initially I thought “did just myself have such a feeling” Now. I told my family that I am not alone in feeling this way…

  • Pklilienthal

    I BOUGHT A NEW 2011 SIENNA. The steering has no straight ahead, driving it is a series of weaving movements. It takes constant steering corrections, in a hundred mile drive on the turnpike my wrists got sore! The dealer is in denial and can’t find any cause. HELP! ANYONE. E mail me @ PKLILIENTHAL@GMAIL.com

  • davinci0562@hotmail.com

    FIRST I signed for an odyssey because i am sold for Honda 4cyl. engines which are so reliable and very tough..2days before picking my new ODY. a friend of mine told me that Odyssey still have transmissions issues and have to pay extra for an oil cooler. But what really turns me off is that all Honda V6 still have a timing BELT..What. !!??..They.won’t tell you if not asked! I cancelled the deal and went for a Toyota Sienna which i have never thought it would be that joy to drive..Sure the interior is less than the Ody….But hey! I. Am a long lasting and DIY maintenance owner…And i know that i deeply hait to change timing belts like i did too many times…And on the Ody. Under the hood it’s no picnic..So I asked how much for belt.tensionner. Water pump and seals changing..1700$..What. !!??…I feel better with my new 2011 sienna

  • Hen_roy

    The 2011 Sienna SE is the best looking minivan on the road right now. I’m presently searching for a used one to buy. My 2006 Odyssey has transmission jitters in low speed and the engine gets loud in ECO mode. From what I’m reading this is a common problem with the Odysseys. Performance wise both vans are very similar,