Abarth stand-alone sports car due within 2 years, Lotus won’t help out

We’ve been hearing about a stand-alone Abarth car for some time now (almost two years to be exact). Well, when you haven’t done a stand-alone sports car in over 30 years — like Abarth — we guess it takes some time to get things started.

Head of sales and marketing at Abarth, Antonino Labate, told AutoCar in an interview that the Abarth sports car will be launched within the next two years. However, contrary to previous reports, Labate said that Lotus will not be involved in the process, nor will it supply the Elise underpinnings.

“The brand is doing so well we will definitely bring our own standalone Abarth coupe model to market within the next two years,” said Labate.

The two-seater Abarth sports car is expected to make around 240-hp, while weighing around 1,984 lbs.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoCar