Gazal 1: Saudi Arabia’s first vehicle is an all-terrain SUV

Gazal 1

Saudi Arabia, the region of the world whose oil reserves help fuel the world, has developed its first car. The vehicle, known as the Gazal 1, is an SUV developed by students at King Saud University and is named after a desert deer found in the country.

The Gazal 1 is the result of at least two years of hard work from students at King Saud and was unveiled Monday night by King Abdullah at a ceremony at the University.

No word on how much the Gazal 1 will cost or when (or if) Saudi Arabia plans to setup a production plant to build the SUV.

Said Darwish, a professor at KSU’s industrial engineering department, was quoted by the Arab News as saying that the Gazal 1 has a planned production of 20,000 units a year.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: Arab News (via MSNBC)